Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging

Black Hypervolt EV charger mounted on a red brick wall with green light turned on.
Zappi EV charger system mounted on a red brick wall.
Podpoint EV charger mounted on red brick wall.
White hypervolt EV charger mounted on red brick wall.

Expert EV Charger Installations | Powering Your Journey

As the Electric Vehicle (EV) industry rapidly grows in the UK under the management of the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV), it's important to understand the different types of EV chargers available in the market. Not all chargers offer the same user functions, operational methods, or compatibility with your existing consumer unit. Furthermore, some properties require permission from their Distribution Network Operator (D.N.O.) to install an EV charger.

At Neutral Electrical Solutions, we are experienced installers of EV chargers and can provide expert guidance to answer your questions and recommend the right charger for your needs. Our expertise extends to advising on compatibility with your current Solar Photovoltaic (PV) and Battery Storage System.

Understanding OZEV: OZEV, managed by the Department for Transport and Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, oversees the transition from combustion engine vehicles to electric vehicles in the UK.

Available Grants: OZEV offers grants starting from £350 towards the cost of EV charger installation through the Electric Vehicle Home Scheme (EVHS) and the Workplace Charge Scheme (WCS). If you meet the criteria set by OZEV, you may be eligible to claim £350 towards the installation cost. This applies to both residential and business settings, including rented accommodation.

Cost Considerations: The pricing of each EV charging point is determined on an individual basis due to various factors such as the required charger type, cable length, cable type, and compatibility with your existing consumer unit. In our renewable energy consultation, our expert electricians will help you choose the most suitable product. 

Warranties and Qualified Electricians: Our electricians hold a level 3 award in the installation and commissioning of electric vehicle charging equipment. This certification is only attainable if they have completed the level 3 Award in initial verification & certification of electrical installations and the 18th edition regulations course.

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Choose Neutral Electrical Solutions for your EV charging needs and benefit from our expertise and commitment to providing excellent service. We can guide you through any questions that you may have and recommend the right EV charger for you, this includes advising which charger is compatible with your current Solar photovoltaic (PV) and Battery Storage System.

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